Things I love

I wanted to share some things that I have found usefull in helping me during my jouney and i hope theyy will be as helpfull as they have been to me

  1. Iphone App

This App comes in either a Free version or a version you can pay for. The main differnce i have found between the two is being able to customize it to you own Calorie Limits and a couple other things

The main features I love about it is:

  • being able to track weight loss and inches lost in one private place
  • Nutrition Info on the go search for common foods to add to your meal list for the day or this REALLY awesome feature that lets you scan a bar code of the food in front of you
  • Track your meals and how much calories,fat, sugar and other things consumed during the day
  • evaluates your food you ate and how healthy the meal choices you make with a number scale
  • glasses of water ( although i never use)
  • work outs done during day and how much youve burned in calories
    -calculates BMI
  • 2. Think Thin Bars

  • Cutting down sugar has been a HUGE part of my change (less than 25g per say) and if you have ever flipped over your protein/meal bar OMG its crazy!!
  • they also have usually no more that 9g of fat, some are less that others
  • they taste pretty good (i like fudge one)
  • they are gluten free
  • They have different kinds such are regular bars,bites and nuts

Find a Store near you that has them!
Or Learn more about them

3. Gym motivation Tshirt 🙂 get one here


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