How I got started

My life tomorrow will be the result of my attitudes and the choices I make today

Sometimes trying to get started can get frustrating so here’s somethings that can help that I did !

1. I found I Weight loss Clinic
I truly believe that the #1 reason why “life style changes” fail is due to lack of knowledge. I had no idea what I should be eating or how much I should be eating. I needed to develop the knowledge of what foods were good/bad. How are we supposed to know on our own? Most websites contradict each other and we feel lost and confused.

This was the one I chose:
Rocklin Weightloss

2. Found a Personal Trainer
Same with trying to figure out what to eat. I needed to be taught how to work out and what I should be doing. This change is for life and not temporary so I needed to be taught new skills at the gym.

My gym I chose was affordable and the pricing for trainer was the best available
Crunch Gym

When choosing a gym you need to keep in mind if it’s too far, will you stay committed to going? And make sure you shop around for trainer pricing and see if they are running any specials on buying sessions in bulk. Also when choosing a trainer make sure you connect. My trainer knows when I’m Giving my best and when I’m being a brat ( props to Taylor for dealing with me!!)

3. Set attainable goals

I didn’t say reasonable because if they are to easy they wouldn’t be something we strive to achieve and push to get to . If a goal isn’t something we think we can do, then we often give up . Goals I set were things like days at gym and making sure I ate what I was planning to and how much weight i wanted to loose. These goals were made with help of the weight loss clinic and trainer because they knew what I was capable of.

4. no more junk
all chips,candy, white bread (we all know this is a no-no but do we follow through ? Now we do!!) these only lead to bad things!
As a decision I made on my own I cut out dairy in the beginning because most of it was so high In fat ( 1 egg = 5 grams of fat ..ech!) and I yogurt has SO much sugar (at least the good kind)

For example.. If your eating a whole wheat tortilla burrito cut the cheese out and whala you’re on your way already!

Just decide on something your going to do differently everyday and you’ll see change



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