About Brooke

When one approach is not working to reach the desired goal, that’s not a reason to abandon the goal. Instead, it is time to devise another approach

I wanted to first say i know how hard it is to try and figure out how to start loosing weight, what exercises to do to get in shape, and what to eat to stay healthy. I know how it feels to get caught up in society and the pressures.



I am now working on fitness and each day I learn something new, and id love to share it with you!

Here is background on what my journey has been so far so everyone has a better understanding of where I’m coming from..

A couple of years ago I started packing on the lbs and next thing in knew I was looking in the mirror saying to myself “where the heck did your body go” and then came the issue of trying to fix my problem and what I was going to do to get back in shape. I tried the diet pills and not eating and then came all kinds of crazy detox diets.THEY DON’T WORK !! I’m sure we’ve all figured this out. By the way I’m I vegetarian so I’m sure my weight gain was all from carbs and fat because back then I lacked the knowledge of how to make a balanced meal and not just eat carbs.

So recently back in November 2011 I met up with my father and he said there was something he needed to talk to me about. He told me that i needed to get serious about losing weight. So then and there I got all the Hurt feelings and my confidence killed. But now I am thanking him for stepping up and he truly is the person who made me realized i needed change and no more excuses. I busted my butt that month and lost a little over 20 lbs just in time for my Fiancé’s proposal to me on 12/10/11. I felt so amazing at that point so i knew i could accomplish anything I set my mind to because this time around it was different because..

This is a lifestyle change.. come join me

3 thoughts on “About Brooke”

  1. Gloria Wilson said:

    I am so proud of you. You have always been a doer and an achiever, but your resolve and success on this important venture in your life is truly impressive.
    Love, Grandma

  2. Inspirational – great blog

  3. thebettylife said:

    Wow, you look great! Very inspirational story, I look forward to reading your updates. Keep it up 😀 Betty x

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