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Solast week was my LAST training session with my trainer Taylor 😦 i was so sad !! He was a huge influence on how much I have changed over the past 6 months ! It’s so crazy looking back at how I was last November. Thank goodness he went over a lot of things To help me stay in shape when I move. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone stuck at a weight or anyone who is unsure of how to get started on their path to finess to find a trainer. They will teach you and guide you !

So now an official update. I am on my way to start School in SoCal! I have a 7+ hour drive from Sacramento to Pomona! My dad is driving down with me and my car full of stuff and then flying home tomorrow. Wow it going to be differnt or what!? I have to check out a couple gyms when I get down there and try and get settled in . Good news that I saw I health food store up the street from campus ! I bought two huge tubs ofwheatgrass from GNC to bring with me 🙂 I’ve got to keep up all my hard work I did and keep my eyes on my goal!!